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What is a Pool Sand Filter

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If you are looking into purchasing a new swimming pool for your home, or if want to purchase or upgrade your swimming pool filter, you might want to consider a pool sand filter. These systems are known for being extremely inexpensive to take care of, but they may not be as efficient as other methods. Read more below to see if this swimming pool filtering system is right for you.

What is a Pool Sand Filter?

A pool sand filter is primarily made of sand and tubing. The water of the pool is pushed through a bed of sand that acts to filter the water, and then the water is removed through tubing that extends from the bottom of the sand. Like an espresso machine, the water is pushed through the sand, just as water is forced through coffee beans. Thus, dirty water stays in the top of the filter, and the clean water comes through the sand and comes out the bottom. The top inch of the sand is where most of the filtering takes place.

A pool sand filter is relatively easy to clean. First, you will notice that the filter becomes clogged up with debris because the water flow will decrease as the pressure on the filter increases. When this happens, you will want to run the filter in reverse to get rid of the waste water that is trapped at the top of the filter. This will clean the filter of anything stuck in the filter. This process is called “back washing.” The filter is ready to begin running again once you put the filter in rinse mode, which will repack the sand in the filter and prepare it for more filtering.

Although it is not the most efficient system, a pool sand filter system is the most inexpensive option when it comes to keeping your pool clean. Furthermore, the system is very easy to set up, monitor, and even replace. The benefits often outweigh the inefficiency, especially when it comes to cleaning the filter since it only needs to be done every few weeks. Replacing the sand in the filter is also not very expensive. However, the sand is not able to filter out very small particles from the pool, so you should consider other options if you are seeking a very fine filtering system.

If you are looking for more information about pool sand filters, speak with a specialist at your local hardware store or with a professional who does pool maintenance.

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