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What is the Cost to Put in An Inground Pool

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As summertime heats up, so does the need for a swimming pool, so you may begin to wonder what is the cost to put in an inground pool. An inground pool can be sleeker and more stylish than an above ground pool and can add value and visual aesthetic to a home. While the visual aesthetic can be a wonderful treat for the eyes, it goes without saying that the cost to put in an inground pool may be high... but if you have the money to spend, then it can be well worthwhile.

What is the Cost for an Inground Pool?

Inground pools come in many different styles. From the classic rectangle shape to a rounded, octagon, or even a lagoon shape. The fancier the style, the more money you will probably spend.

While inground pool kits can range in price from $3800 on up, keep in mind that this does not include the excavation costs, plumbing and other necessary aspects of installation. If you decide to pay for a reputable company to come out and install the inground pool for you, then you can expect to pay an estimated $10,000 and up just for a reasonably sized inground pool. What you will be paying the most for is the labor and the type of liner (steel or vinyl) that you select. When you take those things into account, then you could be spending an estimated $22,000 or more just to have an inground pool.

When you decided to hire a pool builder to come out and build your dream inground pool, initially, when you contact the pool builder he or she will give you a base price, which is a price for the basic price for the pool without all of the add-on options. Be conscientious of the pool contract and understand exactly what the estimate it includes. Key questions to ask and things to think about include the size and shape of the pool that you want, whether you want a vinyl or steel liner, and how the bottom main drain will work. Will adding extra features or changing the shape cut your costs?

Whether you decide to install your own inground pool or hire a pool builder, realistically you should be prepared to have at least $15,000 to spare for your inground pool project, but you should also understand that the cost to put in an inground pool can be much higher at times. While there a number of websites and YouTube videos that offer tutorials for installing your own inground pool, you might consider calling a professional for insider tips and tricks on getting the pool up.

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