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What are Yellow Diamonds?

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Also known as Canary diamonds because of their brilliant yellow color, a natural yellow diamond is completely rare. Most advertised yellow diamonds are not necessarily natural – they are enhanced. The enhancement of the diamond is done by altering the original color of the diamond so that it reflects what a yellow diamond would look like.

What are Yellow Diamonds?

Many jewelers confirm that a yellow diamond is so rare that they have never really seen one up close. It is as if such a diamond is the thing in which legends are made of. Allegedly, the yellow diamond is one of the 100 largest diamonds in the world. With this being a fact, jewelers reveal that only 30 of these large diamonds are yellow diamonds. Often yellow diamonds have sprouted up in the mines of Australia, but it is a rare find.

Quite possibly one of the more expensive diamonds in the world, yellow diamonds are very costly simply because they are rare find. Yellow diamonds are yellow because of the trace amounts of impurities within the diamond itself. The coloring is actually a result of millions of nitrogen atoms being trapped inside of the diamond instead of the millions of carbon atoms that are usually trapped inside.

One of the largest yellow diamonds in the world is the renowned Kimberly Octahedron diamond that was discovered in 1964 in a South African mine. It weighs in at 616 carats. Yet another impressive yellow diamond ring was the Tiffany Diamond which was a stunning canary yellow diamond that weighed in at an impressive 280 carats.

Nowadays many people (despite their household incomes and expenses) find a way to afford a yellow diamond jewelry piece. With the advent of the Internet, shopping is literally at your fingertips. With a few quick searches you can rustle up many stores that have fashionable and affordable yellow diamonds. Many smaller carat yellow diamonds start in price as low as $1500 in an array of diamond cuts as well.

Also consider that there are varying color grades of a yellow diamond. There are just about seven shades of color regarding the yellow diamond. They are: faint, very light, light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid and fancy deep. These shade range in order from very light to a very dark yellow color and are on a color spectrum where yellow and gold are the lightest and marmalade is the darkest shade of yellow.

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