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What are the Advantages of a Large University

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There are many different types of colleges and universities, so it's important to focus your college search on finding the best fit for you. One of the most important characteristics of a college or university is the size of the school. The size of the student body and the campus, as well as the overall scope of the school, are key factors in determining a college or university's educational environment. In general, large universities are schools that have student bodies of over six thousand undergraduates. School sizes vary, but some state universities boast enrollments of over fifty thousand undergraduate and graduate students.

Large universities offer many advantages over smaller schools, and are wonderful for certain types of students. First of all, large universities have more students and more alumni, and that means more money. That gives large universities incredible resources, and the ability to hire top faculty and maintain state of the art educational and recreational facilities.

A large enrollment also means a bigger community, which creates more opportunities and a dizzying array of activities. Students at large universities can choose to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and academic organizations. This means that large universities, though they have more students, are often able to create sub-communities that make students feel even more at home than they would at a small college.

Large universities also boast considerable financial advantages. Many large universities are state funded to offset tuition costs, which makes them much more affordable. In addition, many large universities are located in urban settings, meaning that lower cost housing and public transportation are available. Because they have so many students enrolled, many of these larger colleges and universities are able to offer a wide range of course schedules, allowing students to attend classes but also work full or part time if need be.

Perhaps the most important advantage of attending large colleges and universities is the caliber of the education. Large universities are able to offer degrees in just about every academic field you can think of, and they often boast specialized programs in very specific and less popular areas of study. This wealth of academic departments usually draws top-notch professors and researchers, who create intellectually rigorous programs and pass their enthusiasm on to their students.

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