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What are Lab Created Stones?

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It has been said time and again that the phrase lab created stones is synonymous for synthetic stones. These are basically gemstones that are created in a lab. They are very much so real and according to the Federal Trade Commission, in order for a gemstone to be deemed lab created it must be identical to its natural counterpart in all ways. So when it comes to chemical composition, hardness, and brilliance (the way that a gemstones shines and sparkles in the light) the lab created stone must be absolutely identical to the natural stone.

What are Lab Created Stones?

Unlike a simulant gemstone – which is a stone that has a completely different chemical, physical and optical properties – a lab created stone is mandated by federal law to avoid being deceptive. This means that vendors or companies that focus on engineering lab created stones can not maintain that a lab created gemstone is rare – because a rough version of the stone can easily be whipped up in the laboratory.

Sometimes a lab created gemstone can look unreal – almost too perfect because there are no nicks, or dings in the stone. Quite often consumers will want the lab created gemstone over the real thing, because it was made in a lab, the assumption would be that the lab created stone will last longer and be a more durable stone. Nearly every stone that is found naturally can also be created in a lab.

There is no true way to tell the difference when looking at either the lab created gemstone or the natural gemstone. Many people feel that if it looks too perfect then the stone is either not real or lab created. Still others, equate the words lab created with simulant or what the public knows as fake stones. This is hardly the case. Most lab created stones are advertised as such – that is advertised as being lab created so that the customer is not blindsided as too the origin of the stone.

There are also boutiques that specialize solely in selling lab created gemstones for necklaces, rings and bracelets. Purchasing a lab created gemstone is purely a matter of personal preference. If you are looking for brilliance and longevity then perhaps a lab created gemstone is for you. But if you are looking for natural timelessness then you should opt for a genuine gemstone. Just like most jewelry, the prices of lab created gemstones will vary according to the size of the stone and quality of the cut.

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