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What are the Healthiest Dog Breeds?

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If you are looking to adopt a new dog into your family, it is important to know what the healthiest dog breeds are. This way, you can enjoy years of happiness with your puppy and ensure that it will live a healthy life. Many people choose a dog breed based on appearance and behavior traits, but some people are only interested in securing the healthiest breed of dog possible. No matter what breed you choose and how healthy the dog is, much of the dog’s health is up to chance. Still, doing research on the healthiest dog breeds could help make a decision about getting a new dog easier.

What are the Healthiest Dog Breeds?

Often it is the least “trendy” dog of the moment that is healthiest. This pattern results from the fact that when dogs are popular, they are bred quickly so that owners make lots of money, when in reality, the dogs are not getting the right health checks before they are quickly sold out the door. Try to stay away from today’s “it” puppy if you are interested in finding the healthiest dog from a respectable breeder.

Part of the problem with a lot of dogs and their health is that they were not bred well. Breeders who have successfully been breeding dogs for generations will probably have more healthy dogs than new breeders, since they have probably removed all of the bad genetic material from their breeding pool. Do some research online, and ask your friends who have purchased dogs from breeders in order to see what their experiences were with their breeders.

Dog shows and other factors have encouraged breeders to sacrifice health in breeding for achieving aesthetic or behavioral traits. This means that many breeds, such as the English Bulldog and the Americanized German Shepherd, have suffered in terms of health. Thus, one way to ensure you are getting a healthy dog is to get a mixed breed. By getting a mixed breed, you ensure that you are getting a mix of genetic material that may blend together and benefit the dog, giving it more strength and ability to deal with health issues and the elements.

If you want a purebred, one good example of a healthy dog breed is a German Shepherd from East German descent, since their ancestors were born into impoverished communities that were not using the dogs for show (and thus compromising their health.) However, larger dogs tend to have short life spans, so choose a breed that is smaller if you would like to ensure that they live a long life.

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