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What are Cafe Restaurants?

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Cafe derives from a French word for a small restaurant, but cafe restaurants have come to exist throughout the world and serve many different types of food. While a cafe certainly can be a French cafe and serve french food, the food served at cafe restaurants can span the gauntlet from American-style to Spanish food or Mexican-inspired treats.

What do Cafe Restaurants Serve

Under the traditional definition of cafe restaurants, cafes generally tend to serve lighter food than a full restaurant would. While cafes are generally sit down places where you do have table service, this is not always the case. Even in sit down cafes, you will rarely have a full large meal, such as a meatloaf dinner or a piece of steak or prime rib. Instead, the cafe will focus on easy-to-eat and snack-type food.

It is very common for a cafe type restaurant to serve food that would normally be classified as appetizers or hors de ouevres. Soups, salads, anti-pastas, and sandwiches are all staples of cafe menu. A french cafe may offer you provolone and meat on bread, for example. Cafes may have a soup of the day that changes on a daily basis, or may feature several different soups that you can choose from off of a pre-existing menu.

Cafes generally offer a relatively extensive breakfast selection. Croissants, bagels and breakfast sandwiches can often be found at cafes, along with a selection of drinks including various coffees, teas and juices. Fresh fruits and fruit salads are also common breakfast items at cafes, and you may be able to go to a cafe that features an in-season selection of fruits. A cafe may have its breakfast menu available all day or may switch its menu at lunch time to sandwiches and soups only.

Many cafes are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can usually dine at a cafe at any time. Cafes may offer bistro tables or outside seating in order to create a quaint atmosphere. A cafe can cater to any type of ethnic food, including American food, although it is less common to see cafes featuring Chinese or oriental food.

Cafe restaurants often have a nice selection of deserts and pastries as well. This makes cafe restaurants a great place to stop in to after an evening out when you don't need a whole meal but when you just want to linger at the table and enjoy a light snack and some good company.

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