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Weed Removal

Lawn Care
Lawn Services
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Keeping your lawn and garden free of weeds has several benefits. The first is that weeds will harm the appearance of your lawn and keep you from having a nice thick blanket of perfect green grass. Weeds can also affect the health of your grass or garden plants by siphoning off water and soil nutrients that your plants need. A few simple weed removal methods can keep your lawn and garden plants healthy and looking good.

Hand weeding

One of the more effective ways to remove weeds is to pull them by hand. For a lawn that has been neglected for a while and is completely overrun with weeds, hand weeding isn’t the best option. But in an otherwise healthy lawn that just has a few weeds pulling weeds by hand is very effective for complete weed removal. If you are careful to completely remove the entire root of the weed when hand weeding it will not be able to grow back. Pulling weeds just after watering when the soil is soft makes it easy to pull the weeds by hand.

Weed and feed

Another common type of weed removal is to put a weed and feed on your lawn in late winter or early spring. A weed and feed is engineered to provide necessary nutrients to your grass while also adding herbicides for broad-leaf plants, such as dandelions, thistles and other common weeds. These contain what are known as selective weed killers, meaning they target only the weeds while not harming your grass. The combination of a healthy and well-nourished lawn and weed-specific herbicides will generally provide enough weed removal for the spring and summer.

Non-selective weed killers

Non-selective weed killers are available in both organic and inorganic varieties. These will kill any type of plant they come in contact with, not just the weed. Inorganic non-selective weed killers, ones that contain chemicals, are readily available at any lawn and garden center. Organic weed killers are not as common but can still be found at many retailers. You can also make organic weed killers at home. Just because they do not contain any chemicals does not make organic weed killer safer for your lawn and garden. Organic or inorganic, non-selective weed killers are best used as a weed removal tool for weeds that sprout up in your sidewalk or driveway or for a single large, stubborn weed.

Depending on the amount of weeds you are dealing with and the type of weeds, there are several weed removal options available. Removing the weeds permanently will pay immediate dividends to the appearance and health of your lawn and garden.

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