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What Are Wedding Planner Classes?

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Wedding planner classes are those classes taken in order to become a certified wedding planner. If you are going to hire someone to plan your wedding, you'll want to find out what, if any, wedding planner classes that person has taken. While being a certified wedding planner isn't always required, if the planner has sufficient experience, certification is a good way to ensure that your wedding planner is truly skilled enough to help you plan your big day.

What Are Wedding Planner Classes?

Wedding planner courses are offered to those interested in becoming certified wedding consultants or wedding planners. The courses can be taken online at home or at a brick-and-mortar institution. Most schools and wedding planning certification programs are accredited either by the Association of Bridal Consultants, or the Association of Certified Wedding Consultants, although some wedding planners are members of the National Association of Wedding Professionals as well.

Courses offered by these institutions deal with every aspect of planning a wedding. Typically, wedding planners or consultants learn

  • Wedding etiquette rules
  • Customs and traditions associated with weddings
  • Tips on building relationships and dealing with vendors and contacts
  • Wedding gown styles
  • Wedding event planning
  • Invitation rules, customs and etiquette
  • Details on pre and post wedding parties

These courses may involve learning about the latest styles in wedding dresses, and learning how to develop a custom theme for a signature wedding by working with fabric boards and design tools.

Many institutions that offer certification or membership also mandate that members participate in continuing education. This gives wedding planners an opportunity to stay up-to-date on changes in the wedding industry. When trends change or different themes and styles become more or less popular, a wedding planner will learn about this through updates in his or her training.

How Wedding Planner Classes Help You

When you hire a wedding planner or wedding consultant who has undergone wedding planner classes, he or she has advanced knowledge of planning a wedding. This can be a great asset to you, as he can help make sure that you cover detail when it comes to your wedding. From coming up with a theme to designing the right color scheme and knowing how to word your invitation, a wedding planner with the experience and education that comes from taking classes can be your guide.

To find a certified wedding planner who has completed a series of wedding planner classes, you can contact one of the accrediting agencies or member organizations. They can give you a list of certified wedding consultants or planners in your area and can help you to find a planner who has taken the wedding planner classes necessary to be a true professional.

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