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A Look Inside Wedding Planner Books

Wedding Planning

Can wedding planner books really help you to plan your wedding? The answer is a resounding yes, as long as you find books which will suit your planning needs. Here is a look inside these helpful wedding planning resources and tips on how to find the right books for your wedding plans.

Inside Wedding Planner Books

Wedding planner books contain a wealth of information and helpful planning resources. Inside these books you may also find beneficial planning tools which include:

  • Wedding planner worksheets such as wedding budget worksheets, guest list worksheets, contact sheets, and a planning calendar.
  • Wedding plan checklists that you can modify or edit and then use to keep all aspects of your wedding plans on track.
  • Additional folders, empty pages, and plastic sleeves where you can store wedding planning receipts, contracts and business cards and jot down additional planning notes or reminders.
  • Helpful tips on wedding ceremony and reception etiquette and protocol which will help you to design invitations, seating arrangements and other aspects of the ceremony and reception important to your guests’ comfort.
  • Ideas for wedding ceremony and reception decorations, music and entertainment.
  • Tips for negotiations with wedding venue and service providers.

How to Find the Right Wedding Planner Books

Wedding planner books are available through books stores or Internet websites. Online resources which may provide wedding planning book reviews and content peeks can help you to streamline your search and find books which are directly applicable to your wedding plans - such as a particular theme wedding or plans for weddings on a budget. A search through local book stores may also help you to find the right wedding planner book and a book store employee may be able to direct you to the most helpful literature resources on wedding planning.

Where to Find Affordable Wedding Planner Books

Most wedding planner books are very affordable – on average less than fifty dollars – but these prices may add up if you buy multiple planning books. If you are on a strict budget, use online comparison shopping tools to find the most affordable planning books for your wedding and check with local used books stores as well to see if they carry any wedding planning books.

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