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Ten Unique Wedding Ideas

Wedding Planning

Traditional weddings are undeniably beautiful, but many modern brides want to approach the wedding day with a unique twist - something that represents their own individual style. These wedding ideas can help jump start your imagination as you brainstorm with your fiance and wedding planner. How will you make your wedding day unique?

Ideas for the Wedding Ceremony

Wedding on the Roof

Weddings at the beach are popular because of the tranquil and beautiful setting they provide. If you want an ultra unique outdoor wedding, though, how about getting married on the roof of your city's tallest building? If there is a space needle, tower, or other very tall structure that you and your fiance have visited, why not exchange your vows there?

Wedding in the Sky

If you and your fiance are frequent travelers, you could say your "I Do's" on a private airplane at high altitude. Though you couldn't fit many guests in the airplane, you could have a large reception in the airplane hanger afterward.

Music to Tell Your Story

Classical, instrumental music is the traditional choice, but maybe that style doesn't suit you. How about using a jazzy rendition of "Here Comes the Bride" or your favorite reggae or classic rock song instead? Music speaks to our souls and can help express your feelings and emotions. Maybe you could choose several songs that tell the story of your courtship, engagement, and wedding. The songs could begin playing a half hour before the wedding and culminate when you walk down the aisle as your special song plays.

An Elegant Entrance

Most girls grow up hoping for a knight in shining armour - you may not marry a man decked out in metal chain mail, but perhaps you could both arrive at the wedding site on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage. When it's time to leave the reception for your honeymoon suite, you'll certainly feel like a princess driving away in a carriage with your handsome prince by your side.

Ideas for the Wedding Reception

Pleasing Visuals

Receptions are usually known for food and music, but perhaps you'd like to take a different approach. A reception held in a garden will allow guests to stroll around and admire the beautiful flowers and trees. If the season doesn't allow for an outdoor reception, a reception inside an art gallery or museum gives guests plenty to see and learn.

Animals Among Us

If you and your fiance are animal lovers at heart, having your reception inside a zoo would be a great way to show off your love for the animal kingdom. Most zoos have restaurants where your guests could eat, and you could likely rent the entire zoo for several hours to give your guests time to browse and enjoy the animals.

Family Food

Why go for fancy dishes like escargot if that isn't your taste? Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls - even hamburgers and french fries - are sure to be enjoyed by everyone on your guest list.

Ethnic Food

On the other hand, if you look fondly on your family's ethnic heritage or if you and your fiance enjoy dishes from a particular country, consider serving ethnic food at your reception. You may introduce guests to new foods they will fall in love with!

Wedding Ideas to Last for Years

Helping Your Guests to Grow

Most people give away little party favor to their wedding guests as a thank you for attending. For a more permanent expression of your appreciation, consider giving guests seeds or flower bulbs that will grow and bloom year after year.

Funding Your Future

It's becoming more and more acceptable for couples to set up a fund where wedding guests can give money that will be used to purchase a home. Instead of countless picture frames and unneeded sets of dishware, this fund can help a couple establish themselves in a home more quickly than they would otherwise. That's a good feeling for the couple - and the guests!

Choosing unique ways to set your wedding apart from the norm may be easy, but any of these ideas will take planning, organization, and managing skills. A wedding planner is well-equipped to take your ideas and turn them into reality by scheduling appointments with service providers, reserving a site, and communicating your wishes to all the other professionals involved.

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