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Duties of a Wedding Event Coordinator

Wedding Planning

A wedding event coordinator is one title with many job descriptions. Today’s wedding planners are poised to take on the myriad of tasks – both expected and unexpected – to help their clients enjoy their dream weddings.

Do We Need a Wedding Event Coordinator?

Many couples are not sure if they need to hire a wedding consultant. Of course, having a professional handle all of the organizing, planning, and managing of the wedding planning process sounds great, but you might be wondering: Can we afford a wedding event coordinator? Does our wedding really necessitate the need for a wedding planner? You might be a good candidate for hiring a wedding planner if you can agree with more than one of the statements below:

  • You have little to no spare time to dedicate to wedding planning.
  • Your groom has little to no interest in being involved in the planning process.
  • You are planning a wedding that is out of town.
  • There is room in your budget for a wedding coordinator.
  • You are overwhelmed – or not interested – by the thought of learning all of the traditions and etiquette rules you will be expected to master during the wedding planning process.
  • Some might say you are less than ultra organized. Are you the kind of person who balances her checkbook regularly? Or are you the kind of person who scratches to-do list on scraps of paper that get easily lost?

What Does a Wedding Event Coordinator Do?

Hiring a wedding consultant does not mean that you are handing over all of the power to make decisions about your wedding. If that is what you want, though, you should find a planner you trust and feel confident will carry out your vision when dealing with vendors in your absence.

Maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum and prefer to be completely involved in every step of the planning and would prefer to have a wedding consultant just to be present on the day of the event to oversee the ceremony and reception.

If you fall somewhere in the middle – you want to be involved but also want an expert you can rely on for guidance and expertise – you will take comfort in hiring a professional who is a good listener and who you can develop a good rapport with.

Be realistic about how much planning you can balance while meeting your other regular obligations, such as work and family, and then decide how involved you want a professional planner to be during the planning stages of your wedding. Also, consider the many services a wedding planner can provide:

Handle vendors – An experienced wedding planner will have numerous connections with vendors in the wedding industry. Based on your budget and personal style, a consultant can suggest, select, and hire the vendors. She can also negotiate contracts – and hopefully score great deals for you, organize and coordinate the vendors’ schedules, and make sure that all vendors deliver their services as promised.

Schedule – Your consultant will draft a master plan, creating a schedule based on the timeline you and your groom have established. An established timeline will help everyone involved – wedding party members, family, and vendors – stay on track and on time.

Stay Within Your Budget – Knowing how much you and your groom have allotted for your wedding will help your consultant tailor a wedding that is within your financial guidelines. She will suggest vendors and services that she knows will not push you out of your budget.

Invitations – Some consultants take on the task of ordering, addressing, and mailing invitations for her clients. Find out if this is a service your selected consultant offers, and, if so, how much does she charge.

Menu – Your consultant may help you select a menu that is within your budget and that meets the special dietary needs of your guests. She should be able to offer creative ideas to help you plan meals that are cost-effective crowd-pleasers.

Orchestrate – On the day of your wedding, it is imperative that you have a professional who is delegated the role of orchestrating the day’s events, from a smooth procession down the aisle to formal photos to your first dance and the tossing of the bouquet.

Arrange Honeymoon -- Some consultants will also handle all of the travel arrangements for your honeymoon, from airfare to hotel and spa reservations.

There are also the many small, but just as important, unexpected tasks that pop up that your planner should be prepared to handle. Knowing that you have an experienced professional wedding event coordinator on hand to do everything she can to make your wedding play out smoothly from beginning to end will help you enjoy one of the most memorable events of your life.

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