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Wedding Coordinator Duties

Wedding Planning

Professional wedding coordinators are trained to handle all aspects of wedding planning including creating a budget, selecting vendors, orchestrating the events of the wedding day and handling post-wedding venue cleanup. Wedding coordinator duties may be tailored to fit specific planning needs for couples, and most wedding coordinators offer different types of wedding coordinator packages.

Typical Wedding Coordinator Duties

A complete list of coordinator duties may vary depending on the services of the coordinator, but here is a list of typical wedding coordinator duties which you may find helpful for your wedding planning and event:

  • Face-to-face meetings with the wedding couple to discuss wedding plans, services and up-dates.
  • Interview and hire vendors for the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Confirm reservations for the ceremony and venue location.
  • Place deposits for venue and vendor fees.
  • Arrange transportation for the wedding couple and family/friends.
  • Create a detailed schedule of the wedding day.
  • Coordinate all vendors’ arrival, set-up and closing, for the ceremony and reception.
  • Plan the wedding rehearsal.
  • Maintain an account and expense sheet.
  • Monitor the complete set-up of the wedding ceremony and reception including seating, decorations, cake, food and rental equipment.
  • Arrange the legalities of the ceremony including officiates, licenses and certificates.
  • Organize the receiving line.
  • Record gifts and arrange thank-you notes.

Packages for Wedding Coordinator Duties

Wedding coordinators may provide packages that range from planning assistance to complete extended packages which cover all aspects of the wedding planning and wedding events.

Small wedding coordinator packages may include helping the couple choose decorations, venues and providing budget and organization tips. Couples may pay a flat hourly fee for each time they meet with the coordinator or they may sign a contract for a number of face-to-face meetings before the wedding takes place.

Couples may also choose a limited coordinator package which includes planning and reservations but excludes coordinator participation on the actual wedding day. All inclusive coordinator packages will require some input from the wedding couple, but in these instances the wedding coordinator will truly be running the entire show from top to bottom.

To find the right package of wedding coordinator duties for your wedding, work with your partner to outline the requirements of a potential coordinator and determine a budget limit for coordinator fees.

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