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Wedding Coordinator Certification

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Wedding coordinator certification is a terrific start to a new career as a wedding planner and coordinator. Reputable schools which specialize in wedding career certifications will offer essential course work that you will need to begin a successful career.

Wedding Coordinator Certification Programs

Wedding coordinator certification programs offer course work which will provide potential coordinators with the tools they will need to run an effective business. Programs may include one to six week courses which offer educational programs on wedding planning specifics, how to create a wedding budget, wedding etiquette and protocol, essentials necessary for a wedding coordinator business, and client communication.

The level of certification may depend on the course work you complete and follow-up assignments. Schools may offer a standard certification program, beginner’s program, professional certification program and certified coordinator program. To receive the top ‘Certified Wedding Coordinator’ certificate, one to two years of work as a professional wedding coordinator may be required.

Choosing a School Which Offers Wedding Coordinator Certification

With an increased interest in jobs which focus on wedding organization, coordination and planning, schools which offer long distance wedding coordination certification programs have been sprouting up everywhere. To make sure that you are wisely investing your money and choosing a school which will offer you a quality program, look for these features:

  • Schools that offer ongoing educational programs and progressive levels of certification.
  • Schools that require a measure of completed course work and hands on coordinating experience before a certificate is awarded.
  • Schools that have established reputations and a verifiable history.
  • Schools that offer mentorship programs and direct contact with educators and professionals.
  • Schools that hold personalized training courses followed by home study courses.

Wedding Coordinator Certification Costs

The costs of wedding planning and coordinator certification programs vary, but on average they are between $500 to $1,000 dollars. Some schools offer monthly payment programs for low income students, but most wedding certification schools require some type of down payment before a student may begin the program.

Ongoing studies for professional level wedding coordinator certification may cost two to three times more than a beginning certificate program – but students may start work as a wedding coordinator once they receive their first certificate, and new income as a wedding coordinator may help pay for ongoing educational courses.

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