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Jumpstart Your Wedding Coordinator Career

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There are a few ways to jumpstart your wedding coordinator career. If professional training has not been acquired, it’s a great place to start. Despite experience planning weddings, obtaining wedding/event planning certification is a great way to show your clients your level of professionalism and dedication. Clients trust their wedding coordinators with the responsibility of planning one of the most important events of their lives, and the level of detail and projects that are built into professional coursework, will help you establish solid skills and probably a very impressive portfolio with which to dazzle future clients.

Training for a Wedding Coordinator Career

Degrees are offered in hospitality training which covers the event planning industry as well. For those willing to put in the time, both two year and four year degrees are possible. However, that is not the only choice for those interested in learning the ins and outs of jumpstarting a wedding coordinator career. Several of the more well-known event planning businesses offers coordinator training certification classes. This is an ideal way for budding wedding coordinators to learn the business from established professionals in a shorter period of time. Training can be done online, via mail, or on premises. This is totally dependent on the location of both the student and the teacher, and the training program the professionals have put in place.

The Tools of the Trade

Most industry classes provide students with a thorough understanding of the event planning industry by walking them through the details and teaching them to think from both sides of the event. Since event coordinators will be responsible for supervising vendors, it’s important that they understand the potential challenges faced by each vendor and learn how to mitigate them to the satisfaction of the client. In addition, budding wedding coordinators are taught scheduling, planning, and communication skills as there are a great number of situations requiring finesse and a calming presence, when trying to orchestrate such important events. Coordinators are provided with ideas and tools for how to research one-of-a-kind events, how to build/grow their businesses, how to advertise and how to best showcase their work and earn repeat customers and/or referrals. These are basically thorough training program culminating in wedding coordinator certification.

This is a great time to jumpstart your wedding coordinator career. No matter what path is taken, formal education at a college, classes through a trade school, or a professional wedding/event planning business, the training will provide you with the necessary tools to help establish yourself in the industry.

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