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Wedding Announcements

Wedding Planning

Wedding announcements help you spread the good news that you are officially husband and wife. Here is a guide to help you plan your official announcement to the world after saying I do.

If you are having a large wedding that most of your friends and family will attend, there really is no need to plan a wedding announcement. However, if you are having a smaller, more intimate wedding, or have lots of family and friends who live far away, announcements are a nice way to let people who were not at your wedding know that you have made it official. Wedding announcements also serve to remind colleagues that you have changed your name.

Who should get your wedding announcements?

Wedding announcements are like the announcements seen in local newspapers; they are just directed to specific people and can be made more personal. You should plan on sending them to anyone who was not invited to your wedding. This includes that following:

  • Friends or family who were not able to attend the event
  • Your parents’ friends and colleagues – especially if your parents hosted the event
  • Professional colleagues

Wording Your Wedding Announcements

You can word your wedding announcements much like a wedding invitation, except that obviously the event has already taken place and the people receiving the announcement are not being invited to the wedding. If your parents are hosting the event, then it is appropriate to say that they are honored to announce the marriage of … On the other hand, if you and your groom took care of most of the wedding costs, feel free to do the honors. Your announcements should match the level of formality of your invitations and can even mimic the style, font, and paper you used for your wedding invitations.

Sample Wedding Announcement:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

have the honor to announce

the marriage of their daughter

Amanda Lucille


Evan George Van Brumellen

Saturday, the Fourteenth of July

Two Thousand Ten

St. Thomas Church

Fort Lauderdale, FL

When do you send wedding announcements?

Tradition denotes that you should send your wedding announcements as close to the day you get married as possible – the night before, the morning of, right after on your way to the reception, or the morning after. However, more and more couples are choosing announcements that include of photo of them on their wedding day, a nice touch that will surely take a little longer to produce. Those who were not able to attend your event will definitely be grateful you waited to send your announcements so that you could include a photo of you from your big day.

Newspaper Wedding Announcements

Wedding announcements can also be made in the newspaper, using the same formal language. In this case, you should first tell your parents, then close family and friends, and children from previous relationships before making an official announcement in the newspaper. Be prepared to comb through the final draft to ensure that all the details are accurate and there are no spelling errors before the announcement is scheduled to be published.

If you are having a small wedding, or if you have tons of family, friends, or colleagues who will not be able to attend your wedding, consider sending wedding announcements after your big day to tell everyone you know that you have are officially married.

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