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Does a Water Heater Blanket Help?

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A water heater blanket may save you money. Heating water can suck energy out of your home and add up to steep utility bills. Whether you have electric, oil fired or on demand water heater, there is one simple action you can take to minimize energy consumption. Installing a water heater blanket can drive down monthly costs, while making an investment as small as $10. And since up to 40% of a water heater’s energy escapes, this is a simple way to prevent heat loss.

Energy Savings

According to the Department of Energy, insulating your water heater can save as much as 9% in annual heating costs. The price of a water heater blanket is relatively low, typically about $10-$20. In some areas, utility companies sell water heater blankets at a discount or offer special rebates to encourage energy savings.

Finding the Right Water Heater Blanket

When installing a water heater blanket, choose a product that will save the maximum amount of energy. Installing a water heater blanket that has an insulating value of R-8 or better will be the most effective.

Water Heater Blanket Safety

The thermostat on a water heater that uses a blanket shouldn’t exceed 130 degrees F. If the temperature gets any higher, you risk overheating in the wires, which may pose an electrical fire risk. Also, consider placing an insulation board under the water heater to prevent energy loss through the floor. This installation is typically easiest in new homes; however a professional can also effectively make this adjustment. This could save you an additional 9% each month on water energy heating.

Installing a Water Heater Blanket

If you haven’t installed a water heater blanket before, consider contacting a professional. Certain water heaters, like oil fired heater tanks, are much more complicated than electrical heaters. Installing a water heater blanket correctly is important to preventing airflow obstruction and fire hazards.

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