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How To Order Waste Roll-Off Services

Garbage and Recycling
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Waste roll-off services is a great way to dispose of massive amounts of trash, but there’s a right and wrong way to get into it. Once you research and select the right company, the work isn’t over. You must make the appropriate preparations, know what to expect and ensure that you don’t dispose of prohibited items or place the dumpster at the wrong location.

Just as you would hire a plumber or painter, you need to take this ordering of services seriously. This can save you money, headache and penalties down the line in what could be a smooth experience for all. Read on to learn the best way to order these waste roll-off services:

  1. Shop around for these companies by looking through the phone book, asking for word of mouth recommendation and asking representatives of companies that use these services (construction and remodeling companies, for example).
  2. Choose three to five companies you prefer and visit their websites if they are available. Ask about payment plans, the size of the dumpster you need and the extent of waste roll-off services that are available. For example, do you require help loading the truck?
  3. Schedule waste roll-off services once you know all of the ins and outs of the company and a little about the dumpster services field.
  4. Make sure you are present when the delivery workers arrive, and if necessary ensure than a wooden frame is available on which to place the dumpster. It is typically unlawful to place the dumpster on the grass.
  5. Read and sign the waste roll-off services agreement. If the company uses your credit card number on the form, be sure to scratch it out on your copy to prevent identity theft.
  6. Honor return deadlines to avoid fees and, again, make sure you are present during waste pick-up.
  7. Know which items cannot be dumped (certain appliances, electronics and car parts, for example) and abide by these rules to avoid penalties. Pain and oil also falls in this category of prohibited items. You must contact local companies and/or the local government to learn about the proper disposal of these items.

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