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Waste Pickup: What Happens When They Arrive?

Garbage and Recycling
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So you’ve scheduled your waste pickup, you’re waiting for them to arrive and you’re all ready to go. What happens now? Read on to learn the process of junk removal service.

  1. The worker(s) will likely call you when they’re on their way. If you live in a gated community, make sure they have a way to enter.
  2. Once the workers enter for waste pickup, direct them to the area to be cleared out and give them any necessary instruction. The workers will then provide you with a quote before getting started. Although you’ll commonly receive a ballpark quote by phone or Internet, this in-person quote will be the final word on how much you will pay.
  3. At this time, you will need to move tables and couches away if need be to provide the workers with a clear path.
  4. Block off pets and children during this waste pickup process. Not only will this open everyone to potential and dangerous run-ins, the doors will be open and you don’t want your pet or child to leave the home.
  5. Although you aren’t required, provide workers with trash bags for picking up loose floor debris. In addition to hauling objects, they also commonly will remove debris from the floor.
  6. The workers are likely to take your debris, create a staging area and load the truck. They wither will charge by the hour or how much of the truck your waste takes up; plan accordingly.
  7. Once the truck is loaded, a worker will have you sign a payment with the details of the job. Take care not to leave the receipt out in the open, as many companies write the account number down on the receipt since a card swiper is absent.
  8. If you prefer to tip for waste pickup, be sure to keep some bills around to tip the workers. For example, you may not be able to add the tip on the card, so it’s good to have a little bit of cash on-hand. Tip amounts vary from a few bucks to 15 percent of the service depending on your opinion of the service and what you can afford.

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