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Waste Oil Disposal

Garbage and Recycling
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Waste oil disposal must be handled in a specific process in order to be safe for the environment. There is a bit of a difference between used oil and waste oil. The term waste oil refers to petroleum based oil products that are mixed with hazardous waste. Used oil is simply oil that has been used that has not yet become waste oil or been thrown away. Used or waste oil disposal itself can be a bit tricky, as waste oil shouldn't just be thrown into your trash can.

Waste Oil Disposal

The best way to handle used oil disposal is to hire a waste removal company that specializes in removing liquid oil waste. When you do hire a waste removal company that specializes in used oil collection, you will want to make sure that they are licensed and have the proper fleet of trucks, which should include a vacuum truck.

Once used oil is collected by a oil pickup company, it is taken to a plant for recycling. When the oil is recycled, it is primarily used as industrial fuel. Other uses for the recycled oil include re-refining it to make lubricating stock or to use for space heating and other uses.

When a person or company does not properly dispose of their oil, however, then it can quickly go from being used oil to waste oil, and could inevitably end up harming the environment. Waste oil is responsible for destroying ecosystems as well as for contaminating the drinking water of humans. This is why it is crucial for you to contact the proper waste disposal company in order to better dispose of the oil product and to do it properly.

Finding the proper company to dispose of your waste oil is essential. You must never pour waste oil out into gutters, down drains or even into trash cans. Instead, you should consider contacting your local Department of Public Works in order to better discern if the city in which you live has an oil recycling program in place. If so, then you would benefit by getting additional information and scheduling an appointment.

For example, as a part of their Cal Recycle program the state of California has a used oil recycling program that provides information on places of collection and recycling opportunities for residents. Each state might have a recycling program that may align with national green initiatives to allow for easier access to recycling. One of the first things to do is research as much as you can on oil recycling in your city state or town, and to contact companies who can handle your waste oil disposal needs.

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