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Consider a Van Rental for Vacation Trips

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Large families traveling on a long-distance vacation may wish to consider a rental van. A van rental makes toting luggage, kids and all their accessories easy and comfortable. Today’s models are extremely comfortable and easy to drive, too.

Single adults or couples traveling with a large group of friends may also want to consider a rental van. A custom van makes it easy to travel everywhere in style. Travelers can save significant money by carpooling with a large group in a standard 8, 12 or 15 passenger van.

Rental vans come in many sizes and flavors. Rentals include:

  • Standard vans
  • Custom van conversions
  • Luxury vans

Travelers can rent a standard van from any car rental company. Some car rental companies include:

  • Hertz
  • Enterprise
  • Avis
  • Budget

Custom van conversions and luxury vans are available through luxury rental services. Most luxury rental services are regional, rather than national chains. Most offer delivery service of the rental van to the customer’s door or easy pick-up at the airport. This article details three types of vans so travelers can decide which suits them best.

Standard Vans

Have a lot of luggage? Going camping with a large family? Looking for an economical travel solution?

For convenience, comfort and storage capacity, a standard van, such as one made by Ford or Dodge, fits the bill. Best of all, major car rental chains provide these vehicles at prices not much higher than those for a regular full-size car. Many vans even come with tow hitches to trailer a boat or small cargo trailer on a family vacation. Roof racks provide even more cargo capacity.

Some vans use diesel fuel, which may cut fuel costs. Anyone looking for added cargo space, and increased comfort may wish to rent a van. Since vans without trailers have only two axles, no additional toll charges apply.

Custom Van Conversions

Most custom vans provide less cargo capacity than a standard van, but provide more comfortable seating, a home entertainment system and possibly even a bed or two.

Custom vans typically seat up to seven people comfortably, making them perfect for a handful of friends or a family of any size.

Luxury Vans

Many companies offer vans, like the 9-seat Dodge Sprinter, as a “luxury” van. These vans provide amenities not found in many standard rental cars, including:

  • Home entertainment system (video screen and DVD player)
  • Tinted windows
  • iPod support
  • Video game system with a library of games

For an additional fee, many provide:

  • WiFi access
  • GPS navigation system

Renting a van for a vacation trip saves wear-and-tear on a traveler’s own car, may reduce fuel costs, and makes a trip more comfortable. Long-distance travelers may even save money on hotels by sleeping in the van. With so many options available for rental vans, the question is not whether or not to rent a van, but which van to rent.

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