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The Story Behind Valentine's Day

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Valentines day (also called Saint Valentines day) may be one of the oldest holidays we currently celebrate. It's observed on February 14 to honor several Christian martyrs named Valentine, and it was created by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD. Initially, it was a religious holiday, but in the Middle Ages, it became associated with romantic love, and it evolved into the holiday we celebrate today. It really began to gain steam in 17th century Great Britain, and spread from there. In modern times, it's traditional to send flowers, candy, and cards to those we love to honor them on this romantic day.

A Valentines Day Celebration

Many couples celebrate Valentine's day with a romantic meal. If it falls on a weekend, it's the perfect day to celebrate with a romantic brunch, or breakfast in bed. Many restaurants run Valentines day special menus to cater to a romantic crowd, or you can make your own romantic dinner at home. No Valentine's meal is complete without a rich dessert, preferably something decadent and chocolate to seal your love.

Today, reds and pinks are the unofficial colors of Valentine Day, and roses are one of the most commonly sent flowers. If you want to do something different to celebrate Valentine's Day, think about including the entire family in the celebration. Let the kids help you bake special Valentine's Day cookies. Then, make a special dinner the whole family can enjoy, like a heart shaped pizza or meatloaf, and decorate the dining room in a romantic theme, with hearts, cupids, and even homemade valentines for the family. Make it extra special by using fancy china and glasses for your romantic dinner. Don't forget to include a yummy dessert for your special valentine meal!

Who Was Cupid?

Another common Valentine Day motif is the winged cupid character, often depicted carrying a bow and arrow. Cupid was an ancient Roman god who represented love. He was the son of Venus and Mercury, and his arrows could bring out the love and affection in anyone he shot.

Valentine's day is a big deal in America, but it's also celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. Almost 200 million cards are sold each year, and women buy the majority of cards. Statistics show that over half the US population celebrates the day by buying and sending a greeting card. Valentines day is a special day to show your affection for your friends, too, so don't forget them in your celebration.

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