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Causes of Upper Neck Pain


The causes of upper neck pain can be grouped into just about six categories. They are: neck strain, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, cervical pain and herniated discs. If you are currently experiencing neck pain then learning about the causes can help you to identify your best method of treatment.

Causes of Upper Neck Pain

It should come as no surprise that millions of people suffer from neck pain. Most of it is caused by everyday activities, such as work, playing sports or even overexertion during exercise. You will be able to spot neck pain instantly by its common symptoms. It will most often start with a dull aching sensation, and can progress to numbing, sharp shooting pains and tenderness. You may even experience cold symptoms such as gland swelling, dizziness or difficulty swallowing. Poor posture can also cause neck pain.

Let’s say that you were exercising and maybe turned your head in such a manner that you injured your neck. Perhaps you even heard a popping sound that caught your attention. The aftermath of the popping sound resulted in you having a sharp shooting neck pain and dizziness. When you go to the doctor’s you are told that you have a cervical herniated disc.

While this may seem a bit far fetched, it can happen. Often times in cases of neck pain, doctors will prescribe patients with pain relieving medication. Sometimes these prescription pain relievers are only a temporary fix to the neck pain problem. Ultimately, as an end result, many patients may get addicted to the pain reliever and as their bodies build up a tolerance to the medication they will crave a higher dosage. This can only be problematic.

Often, a better alternative to alleviating neck pain is through chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor will provide a safe and virtually pain free treatment that, in the long run, can be a more positive solution to alleviating the neck pain problem. A chiropractor will be able to better assess the damage without having to prescribe addictive medicinal pain relievers. Additionally, a chiropractor may have a better insight on preventative measures that can be taken by the patient so that the neck pain is not a recurring thing.

One of the most important things that a chiropractor will do is put together a treatment plan. A chiropractic treatment plan for neck pain seeks to eradicated neck pain by focusing on the overall wellness of the patient. Factors such as nutrition and exercise will play an important role in the plan and the ultimate goal is to allow the body to heal the upper neck pain itself, rather than just to treat the symptoms.

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