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Planting Trees and Shrubs Will Beautify Your Yard

Locally Rated Landscape Contractors in your Area
Landscaping Estimates, Customer Reviews, Profile Info & More!

Nothing completes a beautiful landscape design quite like a nice collection of trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs add more than just visual interest. They bring shade, dramatic colors and interesting shapes to any landscape. For many gardeners and designers, a yard without a variety of different trees and shrubs is simply unacceptable.

Few of nature’s wonderful creations are as versatile as trees. Not only are they beautiful, they provide privacy for homeowners, protection from the weather, and shade that helps cool our homes. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which animals and humans need for life. Trees also provide wood for construction.

Fast-growing trees such as willows, poplars , sycamores and some varieties of oak can reach 30-40 feet tall in just a few years. Many gardeners and home owners seeking shade opt for fast-growing trees.

While they usually grow a bit slower than some of the fastest-growing trees, flowering trees such as crepe myrtles, dogwoods and cherry trees offer dramatic seasonal colors that add value to a home by increasing its curb appeal. Plant these trees and you’re guaranteed a canvas of deep purples, reds and whites each spring.

Finally, fruit trees offer not only shade and beauty, but also delicious snacks. Depending on the climate, gardeners can choose from citrus trees, pear trees, cherry trees or apple trees just to name a few.

Shrubs, meanwhile, also have a vital role in the yard. They are the perfect plants for gardens, or along fences and walkways. Shrubs often have flowers that provide bright colors and wonderful fragrances that fill the yard. Clump large shrubs together and they make a great privacy screen. Plant some along the driveway and they make the perfect border. Line them in front of a fence and they become a great hedge. Got a drab corner? There’s bound to be an interesting shrub that can fill the empty spot.

The three primary types of shrubs are broadleaf evergreen, needled evergreen and deciduous shrubs.

Broadleaf evergreens are so named because they have broad leaves. The leaves don’t change colors according to seasons or weather conditions. Some popular broadleaf evergreens are boxwood, azalea, gardenia, holly and rhododendron. Boxwoods are especially prized for their hedge-making ability.

Needled evergreen shrubs have leaves that are shaped like needles. Some popular examples are juniper and mugo pine.

Deciduous shrubs shed their leaves during various seasons or due to certain weather conditions. The leaves often change color. Some popular examples are rose of sharon, lilac and honeysuckle.

There are trees and shrubs available to fit any gardener’s tastes or needs. No matter the type, trees and shrubs will add to the beauty of any yard.

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