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What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

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The job of a tree surgeon is an important one, but yet a dangerous one. They plant and care for trees and shrubs in rural areas, in the country, as well as other areas. They have an array of duties that include being a planter, a climber, and ground staff members.

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

A tree surgeon will serve a number of roles. For example, the planters job is to ensure that the plant gets into the ground with the proper care and maintenance, and to ensure that it thrives. Climbers' climb up very high, using high-tech equipment such as harnesses, as well as variations of chainsaws and clippers to prune trees and to cut off deceased limbs.

A tree surgeon can also cut down dead trees, or trees that potentially pose a threat to the public. Ground staffers help support the climbers as well as pick up debris from the plant using wood shredders, which can be a very dangerous job. A tree surgeon can also help to chip the wood that has been cut down so it can be easily disposed of. They also may get new sites ready for trees or apply pesticides to a tree that has been damaged.

If you have a tree that has weak or dead branches, those branches may be causing a strain on the tree as a whole. A tree surgeon can climb a tree to identify any branches that are dragging the tree down. He can remove those branches, making your tree lighter and healthier and thus saving the tree from collapsing.

Trees can also be strengthened with cables and bolts, especially when first growing. By providing the proper support, the tree is more likely to grow up strong and not require extensive care later in life.

If the roots of your tree are the problem, tree surgeons can help there as well, decompacting soil to help the roots of the tree get easier access to the nutrients the tree needs to survive.

Tree surgeons are mainly are specialty contractors, much like landscapers. If you are interested in hiring a tree surgeon, he will generally come to your home first for a free consultation or estimate to let you know the extent of the work that must be done in your home and the estimated cost. Ensure you check references carefully and find out how long the tree surgeon has been in business, especially for complicated jobs or older trees that you especially want to save.

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