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Tree Removal: What to Expect

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Tree removal is one of those jobs around the house that's better handled by an expert who has experience removing different types of trees. Tree removal is actually the responsibility of a homeowner who suspects that a tree is dead or diseased and may be in danger of falling. Common thunderstorms are capable of producing straight-line winds of 70 mph or more, plenty strong enough to topple an unhealthy tree.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

The variations in the price of tree removal are significant because of the different sizes and types of trees and different companies who are making a living through tree trimming and tree removal. Expect to get price quotes that vary depending on the size of the tree. Trees under 20 to 30 feet will usually be the least expensive to remove, as long as there are no other complications, in the area of $200 to $300. Larger trees, such as Black Gum and Crabapple, are up to 60 feet in height. Even larger trees, up to about 80 feet in height, such as Pine and Red Oak, may cost as much as $1,000 to remove. The very tallest trees, including Sugar Maple and the American Ash, can cost a few hundred dollars more to remove, according to tree removal experts.

What's Involved in Tree Removal

The company you choose will mostly likely cut the tree leaving a stump, with stump removal often not include in the basic price of cutting down the tree. Most companies charge extra to remove roots. Many companies will cut the wood from the tree that you can save for use in your fireplace or a wooden stove. Expect the job to cost more if there are utility lines involved, or other complications arise.

Extra Costs with Tree Removal

Stump grinding or stump removal is one example of an extra cost that will be passed along by the tree removal company. Many companies charge extra to have large pieces of the tree turned into potential firewood. Other companies charge extra to put tree branches into a chipper and then carry off the chips produced by the machine. If you want an expert opinion regarding the health of your tree - whether it is indeed necessary to cut it down or if there is hope that your tree can be saved - that requires the opinion of an arborist. Many tree-cutting companies have arborists and include a charge for their consultation. If your tree is very close to your home or another building, that could involve a roping process to make sure the tree doesn't land on your home or the home of your neighbor that will cost extra.

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