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Selecting the Best Travel Hotel for an Event

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Most hotels rely on tourist season for a profitable year. If a hotel is fortunate enough to be located in a city which sponsors major events, that hotel makes advanced arrangements to try to book all of its rooms. Since many hotels do not require pre-payment, some guests double-book hotels to make sure they have rooms. Hotels have gotten smart about this practice, and to insure full occupancy, they now sometimes overbook, or require room deposits. In order to secure the best deal, below are six quick tips on selecting the best hotel for an event.

  1. Research the area and select the hotel that is located within easy access to your venue. A savings on a hotel that’s on the outskirts of town, several miles away from your event may not be that cost effective if you’re late for it. Don’t forget to factor in traffic.
  2. Determine what your needs will be for your stay. Will there be time for fun, or will it be all about work? What amenities are crucial and which ones are unnecessary? This will help you narrow down your hotel choices.
  3. Make your reservations as soon as possible. If it’s a very large event the most popular hotels will fill up as early as six months in advance.
  4. When booking your reservation ask about the terms. Some hotels place cancellation holds on rooms during events, allowing guests the option of cancelling within no more than 30-days of the event. After that time guests are often billed. Payment could be for one night, or for the entire stay, so don’t forget to clarify.
  5. If pre-payment is not required, ask if you have the option to pre-pay in order to guarantee your reservation.
  6. If you find a favorite hotel and plan on returning for next year’s event, try booking your stay upon checkout. If rates increase, you’re locked in and in most cases hotels will try their best to accommodate regular visitors.

Before booking your trip, use these tried and true tips for selecting the best hotel for an event. They’ll save you time and money, and provide you with a very stress-free start to your exciting event.

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