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All Inclusive Travel FAQs


All inclusive travel packages offer upfront prepaid deals which usually cover lodging and meals, vacation entertainments, fun activities and even extra tax or tipping charges. If you are considering an inclusive plan for your next trip, here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about inclusive travel deals.

What are the Pros of All Inclusive Travel?

All inclusive travel offers three main pros:

  • No worries about adding up expenses or trying to budget during travel.
  • Reduced costs and travel deals for vacation and business travel packages.
  • The ability to create a travel plan, including activities, to fit your travel budget.

What are the Cons of All Inclusive Travel?

The biggest con to all inclusive travel: the devil is in the details. Travelers need to be careful when they book all inclusive packages to be sure that they will not end up with sticker shock at the end of the vacation. Some inclusive travel deals do not include tax or tipping charges and you may have to pay for extras such as guided tours, transportation or specific menu items such as desserts or alcoholic beverages.

Another con is that all inclusive restrictions can be a little….restrictive – particularly for travelers who like to explore at will or for those who like to leave their tour open to extra possibilities and adventures.

Will All Inclusive Travel Really Save Me Money?

Yes and no. In many instances all inclusive travel can reduce vacation and travel costs, particularly through package deals that are created for families, couples, honeymooners and holiday travelers.

However, travelers need to be vigilant if they are booking deals over the internet – in some instances the ‘deals’ are no deals at all because of extra booking charges and fees. Travelers may also end up paying more for an inclusive travel package if they purchase a package that includes activities, meals or entertainments which they will not be using.

How can I find the Best All Inclusive Travel Packages?

The absolute best way to find real all inclusive travel deals is to go through a travel agent. A travel agent can find the right type of package for your trip – whether it is a business trip or vacation – and a travel agent will point out all of the costs of the package, items which are not included and extra fees which you may be responsible for. All inclusive package deals book fast too – particularly for the late spring and summer months – so be sure to lock in your reservations as early as possible for the best deals.

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