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Travel Agent Deals - What to Look for


One of the top reasons people choose to use an agent when they travel is the promise of great travel agent deals guaranteed to save them money on their trip. Of course, travel agents also offer great perks such as insider information, convenience, and fabulous customer service as well. What’s great about travel agents is that they have the ability to get you wonderful deals in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways by which travel agent deals are assembled and delivered to you.

  1. Connections in the travel business. The way travel agencies operate is that they set up accounts with tons of travel companies, including hotels, tour groups, rental car companies, and cruise ships. In turn, these travel companies give the agent deep discounts, in addition to paying them a commission for selling their product. Thus, over time travel agents build up a pretty good network of contacts in the business, giving them access to some great travel deals that are not readily available to the independent traveler.
  2. Knowledge of travel tips and tricks. Often, travel agent deals can be as simple as your agent knowing the tricks of the trade as to when and how to get the cheapest rates. For instance, it’s much cheaper to fly on certain days of the week, particularly for international travel. A good agent will also know that you’ll have a much better chance of getting a great deal if you’re flexible with your travel dates and times and/or if you can travel during the off-season of your particular destination. You agent will tell you as well that booking well in advance will also save you money, as you’ll have access to the best rates.
  3. Local knowledge and know-how. Most agents specialize in particular destinations (like Europe) or mode of travel (such as cruises). Usually, they themselves are well traveled in this area and thus have knowledge to share. This not only applies to being able to suggest the best hotel locations in a particular city or where to eat, but it can also extend to certain contacts they might have with local businesses, giving you access to some out-of-the-ordinary travel deals. They should also be able to give you lots of advice concerning your itinerary, in terms of what to do and see, and what sites should not be missed.
  4. Ability to shop around. Since this is what they do for a living, travel agents know where and how to shop around, depending on your particular itinerary and agenda. Great travel agent deals are often procured by the agent’s prior experiences concerning where the best deals might be found.
  5. Lots of experience. Travel agents spend hours each day analyzing flight routes, train maps, rental car prices, and the like. This gives them real insight into current trends in travel and where the best deals are currently located. They’ll also be extremely helpful concerning other travel issues, such as current airplane rules, customs requirements, and even what type of weather to expect at your particular destination.

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