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Trash Dumpster Etiquette

Garbage and Recycling
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The trash dumpster serves a number of purposes, from businesses to residential, form routine storage or temporary assistance during spring cleaning, moving or home renovations. Because of those around you and the company you are working for, you are well served to follow the rules of etiquette outlined in this article.

Trash Dumpster: The Rules

  1. Figure out all of the fees ahead of time to prevent awkwardness with your contractor.
  2. Don’t put anything into the dumpster that is not allowed. Get a detailed list from your trash dumpster provider.
  3. Keep the trash dumpster routinely rinsed out and free of damage.
  4. Don’t lose of lend your dumpster.
  5. Beware of storing the dumpster on the grass, but if you place it on your cement lot, be sure to use a wooden frame.
  6. Think about how your trash dumpster will affect those around you, and be sure you practice common courtesy, be it neighboring homes or next-door businesses.
  7. Schedule pick-ups rather than just calling the company and expecting to get service immediately. A standard turnaround time is about two days.
  8. Be prepared to possibly having trouble getting in touch with the small companies; if there are limited employees, then they are probable in the field working. Be patient and leave voicemail.
  9. If you aren’t happy with your experience, you are well within your rights to report the problems to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Trash Dumpster: Ordering One

  1. Research a number of companies using word of mouth, the BBB and Internet research. Narrow your list down to three to five of the strongest choices.
  2. Call each of these companies to receive a quote. Be sure to be very detailed with the customer service representative about: the scope of the project, how long you need the dumpster; how often and when you require pickup; methods of payment; contingency plans for weather and holidays; potential fees and penalties; and more.
  3. Eliminate any companies that are extremely high or low in cost; if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If the price is too high, you probably could find another company more amenable to your budget.

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