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The Advantages of Trash Can Carts

Garbage and Recycling
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Trash can carts are one of the many ways to help homeowners handle what can sometimes be a huge load of outside garbage that must be left at the curb for local garbage collectors. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to drag a trash can that's too heavy, or carrying a bag that's been weighted down and tears open halfway from the front door to the curb. One of the ways to avoid that problem is with trash can carts, which also offer several other advantages:

  • Handle many trash cans. Few people enjoy taking out the trash once or twice a week, particularly when the distance from the house to the front curb is considerable. Trash can carts make the trash night much, much easier by reducing the process of putting out the trash to a single trip. That's because it's possible to get trash can carts that fit at least four, large trash cans - which is a lot of garbage for any household.
  • Can heavy loads. There is only one thing worse than dragging a trash can out to the curb twice a week: that's having to drag a heavy trash can that will barely budge. Most trash can carts come with wheels, making the process simpler and less straining. No matter the reason for the weight of the trash, a cart on wheels makes it a quick and easy trip to the curb.
  • Keep cans in place. Another significant advantage of trash can carts is that they are generally resistant to stormy weather and hungry animals. As long as the lids are securely on each can, only the severest storm has much of a chance of knocking down a cart filled with as many as four garbage cans. Animals are generally most successful attacking plastic bags or by tipping over garbage cans to get at the contents inside. Trash can carts resist all but the largest animals, such as bears.
  • Can be chained in place. If you are concerned about bigger animals or thieves looking to steal trash can carts, it's possible to chain the carts to the mailbox or a light pole. This also provides additional protection in the event of wind storms.

Issues with Trash Can Carts

There really aren't many, except the issue of another cost to the garbage collection and disposal process. For larger homes with many trash cans both inside and outside, the cost of buying cans and trash can liners can add up.

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