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Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Hotel

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If you’ve managed to get a great rate on your next hotel stay, you may be wondering how to continue saving once you actually get to the hotel. It’s amazing how quickly all those extraneous costs and fees charged by hotels can quickly add up, leaving you with an inflated hotel bill. Fortunately, there are many tricks that can help you keep those extra costs to a minimum while still enjoying a relaxing and comfortable stay. Here are the top 10 ways to save money on your hotel.

  1. Avoid room service. While the convenience of room service can sometimes be tempting, the price of those meals is usually quite inflated. You may be better off going out and grabbing some takeout at a local establishment instead.
  2. Stay away from the mini bar. Some more upscale hotels offer a fully stocked refrigerator in the room, filled with snacks and drinks for your convenience. However, in most cases these items are actually pretty expensive and anything you take will be tacked onto your final hotel bill.
  3. Go to an Internet café. Although more and more hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi service or business centers, some still charge for Internet use, and extended use of this service can really add up. You might be better off looking at other options around town, as many cafés and bookstores offer Internet for free.
  4. Research parking beforehand. It’s not uncommon to arrive at your hotel only to discover that there’s a daily parking fee. Research this ahead of time, and then look into your other options. There may very well be a public garage nearby that will charge you much less.
  5. Use your cell phone. Once common hidden fee at many hotels is a charge for the phone. This one can really catch you off guard, as you may not realize you’re being charged until you get the final hotel bill. By using your cell phone, at least you know your minute status and what it's going to cost you. Another option is to clarify that particular hotel’s phone policy at the front desk, but be sure you understand what they mean by “local.”
  6. Stick to cable. Ordering an in-room movie may seem like a nice treat, but some hotels charge exorbitant prices for this service. Be sure you know what you’re getting into before you order—and the same goes for video game services as well.
  7. Request a fridge and microwave. If the hotel will accommodate you, this is a great way to save on your hotel stay. It’s easy to store easy breakfast items like yogurt and milk in the fridge, saving you from purchasing breakfast every morning (unless, of course, that breakfast is included). This can also work for simple lunch items.
  8. Bring snacks. Especially if you have kids, all those trips to the vending machine or your hotel’s sundries store can really add up. Instead, plan ahead and keep your hotel room stacked with snacks to serve between meals.
  9. Go for a walk. Many hotels charge for gym use, and this charge is typically on the expensive side. Instead, ask at the front desk and see if there’s a park or a trail nearby, or try doing laps at the hotel pool.
  10. Find a laundromat. If you must do laundry during your stay, don’t use the hotel service, as prices can be steep. Ask the front desk to direct you to the nearest laundromat, and take it there instead. Even if you pay them to do the laundry for you there, chances are that their service will be much more affordable.

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