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Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Home from Intruders

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  1. Install quality locks on all exterior doors. It doesn’t take much for an experienced burglar armed with a screwdriver or thin bladed knife to pop open a cheap lock. The more expensive locks have special features that make it harder to break in.
  2. Use multiple locks on all exterior doors. There should be at least two locks on each door. The more time you make a would-be intruder spend trying to get past your locks, the less likely he is to want to stand there attempting to break in. Add extra locks on areas of the house that aren’t highly visible
  3. Use window locks or stops on all basement and ground level windows. For double hung windows this can be a lock that attaches to the movable part of the window and locks it in place. They are usually made so the window can be opened slightly to allow for ventilation but not enough so someone can enter through the window.
  4. Add a lock to the garage door. Many homeowners don’t think about locking the garage but if it’s attached to the house, it can provide a thief with an easy access point.
  5. Think like a burglar. Walk around your property and look for vulnerabilities. Are there areas where an intruder can hide while gaining entry such as behind a shrub or along an unlit part of the house? If you stand outside your window, can you look in and see a lot of valuables such as electronics or collectibles? These are areas you need to improve.
  6. Remove or trim back any tall shrubs that could create a hiding place for a thief. Plant thorny shrubs that will make any burglar think twice about trying to get close enough to climb through a window.
  7. Add more exterior lighting if you have dark areas around the house. Use motion sensor lights that will automatically be triggered by movement. This may enough to scare away anyone stalking around the house.
  8. Add heavy draperies to windows and close them at night. If you have valuables that people can see from the street, consider moving these items to another part of the house.
  9. Install an alarm system. If the worst does happen and an intruder does make to the inside, an alarm system will alert you and the police. The sound of the alarm will be enough to scare off most burglars.
  10. If you have a fence make sure the gates have locks. A fence is an extra layer of protection but only if it’s difficult to get over or through. If a burglar knows he’s going to have to climb over a fence weighed down with his ill-gotten loot he may reconsider making the attempt in the first place.

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