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Top 10 Ways to Brighten Your Home with Paint

Painting Contractors
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If your home is looking a little drab these days, grab a brush and get creative. A fresh coat of paint can work miracles for any room in the house.

  1. Start with your walls. A flat finish will hide imperfections but will also absorb grease or liquids and is almost impossible to clean. The best finish for walls throughout the home is either eggshell or satin. They both provide enough sheen to be washable yet do a good job at hiding any imperfections.
  2. Nothing looks as bright and clean as a fresh coat of white paint. It works equally as well for walls, cabinets and furniture. If you’re stuck with outdated and dark paneling apply a couple of coats of primer followed by a coat of eggshell finish white paint.
  3. Stencil a border at the top of the wall or just above a chair rail. Stencils come in very simple to very elaborate designs and you can create an entire wall mural by simply using stencils.
  4. Paint an area rug on the floor in the hall or entry way. This is another great use for stencils if you don’t want to make your own design or paint freehand. Tape the area off and lightly sand. Apply a primer and background color. After you’ve stenciled on your design, apply two or three coats of clear finish to protect your masterpiece.
  5. Have some mismatched pieces of furniture? Paint is a great way to unify those odd pieces in a room. If you have a dining room table and chairs but no buffet, paint the table and chairs along with a dresser that compliments the style of your dining room and you have an instant dining room set.
  6. Use paint in a child’s room to create their favorite fantasy. The good news is that once they tire of sailing ships or ballerinas, you can simply paint it out.
  7. Paint accessories for a fresh look. There are paints available for almost any surface, including medal and ceramics. Try painting a pair of outdated table lamps and add new shades or paint several mismatched picture frames all the same color to create a unique grouping, with or without pictures.
  8. Sponge paint or rag roll your walls. Choose two close shades of the same color paint use one for the overall background and the other as the top coat applied with a rolled up rag or sponge. Research the technique you’re interested in and practice on a scrap of wallboard first.
  9. Paint stripes on your wall. Paint the background color first. Then using a chalk line and painter’s tape, mark off the stripes. Use a small roller to apply the stripes and remove the tape as soon as the paint dries.
  10. Paint your countertops to give them a faux marble or granite look. There is a paint made especially for countertops. You will need to avoid cutting on it and protect it from heat and too much moisture but paint can add a few more years to countertops that have seen better days.

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