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Top 10 Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Tips

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More and more adults are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes every year, but the good news is that with positive lifestyle changes this type of diabetes may be prevented. Use these tips in addition to physician recommendations if you are concerned about your risks for type 2 diabetes.

  1. Know Your Risks: Being aware of your risk factors for type 2 diabetes can help you to begin an effective prevention program tailored to reduce your specific risk factors. Talk with your doctor today to see if you have any risks for type 2 diabetes.
  2. Maintain a Healthy Weight: One of the best ways you can prevent type 2 diabetes is to maintain a healthy weight. Risks for type 2 diabetes increase substantially with weight gain, but keeping your weight within healthy limits will lower your chances of developing diabetes even if you have other risk factors.
  3. If You Are Overweight, Lose Weight Now: It is important to lose weight as soon as possible to reduce type 2 diabetes risks; 10 to 15 pounds of weightloss has been shown to lower type 2 diabetes risks – find an effective exercise and diet plan today and get started!
  4. Begin a Regular Exercise Program: Regular exercise, even for individuals at a healthy weight, will increase muscle mass and reduce the size of fat cells. A consistent exercise program, for example – 15 to 30 minutes of walking a day – will reduce diabetes risks.
  5. Eat a Low Fat High Fiber Diet: A low fat, high fiber diet will reduce weight gain and keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels in check. A healthy diet which includes low fat foods will help your body systems to run effectively, reducing effects of pre-diabetes conditions which can transition into diabetes.
  6. Limit Alcohol Consumption and Quit Smoking: Alcohol and smoking place an even greater strain on your health, and any stressors to your health will increase the effects of diabetes risks which you may already have.
  7. Lower Your Blood Pressure: High blood pressure may promote diabetes complications and increase your risks for type 2 diabetes. Take steps to keep track of your blood pressure throughout the day so you can make positive exercise and diet choices that will regulate your blood pressure.
  8. Reduce Consumption of Sugary Processed Foods: A diet which includes sugary processed foods will increase risks for type 2 diabetes and reduce the beneficial effects of positive lifestyle changes.
  9. Regular Medical Check-Ups: If you are concerned about your risks for diabetes, it is important to maintain regular check-ups with your physician. Your doctor will use blood and urine tests to monitor your diabetes risks and to assess whether you have moved into a prediabetic or diabetic state.
  10. Preventative Medications: If you have currently been diagnosed with prediabetes, your physician may prescribe medications to help lower your risks for developing diabetes. However, medications are not appropriate or effective for everyone and they must be used with additional lifestyle changes to reduce diabetes risks.

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