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Top 10 Tips from a Locksmith

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  1. Make certain that there is adequate lighting around the exterior of your property. If there are dark areas where an intruder can hide, install additional lighting. Add motion sensors that will turn the lights on if there is any movement.
  2. Keep shrubs and bushes cut back from porches, windows and doors. These make ideal hiding places for potential intruders. Planting shrubs with long thorns may also be a good deterrent.
  3. If you’re going to be away for a few days, ask the post office to put a hold on your mail or ask someone to pick it up on a daily bases. Accumulating mail and newspapers is a sign that no one is home.
  4. Never leave your keys in the vehicle. In some states it’s the law. It makes your car an easy target for theft.
  5. Install secure locks on all exterior doors on your home or business. You need more than just that locking door knob and don’t forget about the garage door. Many homeowners never lock the garage door, providing an easy access point for a thief.
  6. If you’re away in the evening, leave on a light and even the TV. If a potential intruder thinks someone might be home, they’re less likely to attempt a break-in.
  7. Don’t leave ladders outside. They can provide the perfect tool for an intruder to make access to your home through the second story. Keep ladders locked away in the garage.
  8. Don’t have deliveries of packages left on the front porch. Either have a planned delivery location or set up a time when you can be home.
  9. Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen through a window. This includes electronics or collectibles. Install draperies or blinds to block the view from the outside.
  10. Don’t leave a spare key under the door mat or the flower pot by the front door or in any other obvious location. Get creative. Place an extra key in a plastic bag and bury it under the hydrangea bush at the back of the lawn.

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