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Top 10 Tips for Using Balloons in Flower Arrangements

Flowers and Florists
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Adding balloons to a flower arrangement or bouquet is great way to liven it up and put a smile on anyone’s face. Whether you are wishing someone happy birthday, wanting them to get well, or welcoming a new born, flowers and balloons are a wonderful way of showing you care.

  1. You will need to choose a container to put your fresh flowers into. If you are using a vase then you will need one that is tall enough for you to tie the balloon ribbons to.
  2. Using a basket can be easier because you can tie the ribbons to the handle.
  3. If you are making an arrangement with long-stemmed flowers, you will need a deep basket. A shallow basket is more suitable for a short-stemmed arrangement.
  4. Place a container inside the basket and add some floral foam, then you can insert your flowers.
  5. When you have finished the arrangement, cover the foam with artificial moss and soak the foam.
  6. When it comes to getting the balloons for your arrangement, you can either buy the balloons already filled and beribboned, or rent a helium tank and fill your own.
  7. Filling your own balloons is often better if you are preparing a number of floral arrangements with for a party or wedding.
  8. Once you have the balloons filled the next step it to attach the ribbons. Cut one piece of ribbon to the length that you want the balloon to float from your basket or vase. Tie this to the balloon and then attach it to your floral arrangement.
  9. Cur three more pieces of ribbon that are half the length of the first. Run the side of your scissors along the length of the three pieces to curl them and then attach them to the neck of the balloon so that they are dangling.
  10. If you want to add a little more decoration to your balloons, you can take pieces of wider ribbon and make them into bows for the necks of the balloons.

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