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Top 10 Tips For Buying Diamonds

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Diamonds are the hardest mineral in existence with a measurement of 10 on the Moh’s hardness’s scale. If a diamond is heated in an oven to a temperature of 1405 degrees Fahrenheit it will disappear without a trace of ash, after releasing only a small amount of carbon dioxide. Diamonds are the most highly valued and sought after precious stones in the world. Here are some tips if you are considering buying diamonds.

  1. Consider the carat. Carat is the measurement of weight for gemstones. Each carat is divided into 100 points so a diamond of 50 points weights 0.50 carats. Carat weight is the most significant factor in determining the weight of a diamond. Bear in mind diamonds of the same carat weight may have different prices.
  2. Consider the clarity. Clarity is a measurement of a diamond’s internal inclusions and flaws. A diamond free of inclusions is the highest quality.
  3. Evaluate the diamond color. White diamond shading may vary only vary slightly. There is also a range of fancy diamonds that are available in pink, yellow, green and blue.
  4. Asses the diamond cut. A diamond’s cut is different form its shape. Though it is hard to evaluate the value of a diamond’s cut, the main factors that are usually taken into consideration are symmetry, proportions and polish.
  5. Consider any diamond enhancements. Enhancements include heat treatments to adjust the color of the stone, fracture filling, bleaching, oiling and irradiation.
  6. Examine the diamonds fluorescence – whether it will glow blue under a UV lamp. This can affect the value of a diamond.
  7. If you are buying the diamond for a ring or necklace consider how it will look in the particular setting you desire.
  8. Think about whether you would prefer a solitaire or a cluster of diamonds, this decision is important for helping you get more bang for your buck.
  9. Beware of fake diamonds. Always buy your stone from a reputable dealer and ask about the stone’s authenticity.
  10. Find out how to take proper care of your diamond so that it will not become damaged or lose its value after you have taken it home.

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