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Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Social Networking
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  1. Facebook: Facebook is estimated to have around 250 million unique visitors each month. This not only makes it the most popular social networking site, but it also makes it the second-most visited website on the entire Internet (right behind Google).
  2. MySpace: Though MySpace has lost a lot of market share to Facebook, it continues to draw roughly 122 million unique visitors every month. The site remains especially appealing to music fans and bands thanks to the simplified music-sharing tools offered by the website.
  3. Twitter: Though only a few years old (the site was launched in 2006), Twitter is currently the third-most popular social networking site with an estimated 80.5 million unique visitors each month. This microblogging site allows users to "Tweet" small messages of 140 characters or less that can be shared with friends.
  4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn serves as the social network of choice for businesses and professionals. The site links approximately 50 million unique business associates and co-workers together every month.
  5. Ning: Ning is the social network for people who want to create and customize their own social networks. The site has proven popular among people looking to network with others based on a specific interest and those who enjoy customizing the visual design of their social network. Ning (which means "peace" in Chinese) attracts about 42 million unique users each month.
  6. Tagged: Originally launched as a social network site for teens, Tagged is now one of the most popular networking sites for individuals aged 35 to 49. The site offers similar features as Facebook, and boasts an estimated 30 million unique visitors each month.
  7. Classmates: Founded in 1995, is one of the oldest social networking sites on the Internet. Geared towards helping users reconnect with classmates from their school days, the website attracts 29 million unique visitors each month.
  8. Hi5: Hi5 is a networking site similar in function and design to Facebook. While headquartered in the United States, Hi5 is most popular among international users, particularly those in Latin America. Hi5's number of unique monthly visits is estimated at 27 million.
  9. myYearbook: With approximately 12 million unique visits each month, myYearbook is the 9th-most popular social networking site in the world. The vast majority of users are based in the United States, with only 10 percent of visits coming from international sources.
  10. Meetup: rounds out the list of most popular social networking sites with 8 million unique visitors each month. The site is designed to help users create group meet-ups and meetings in the real world. Users can search available meet-ups by zip code and topic of interest.

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