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Top 10 Small Closet Storage Solutions

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Small closet storage can be a challenge. Whether you live in an apartment or a home with undersized areas to keep necessary items, making the most of the space you do have is important. These tips will help.

Top 10 Small Closet Storage Solutions

  1. Get organized. The best way to stow everything you own successfully is to know what you have and where, logically, it should be kept.
  2. Purge periodically. Those3D glasses may have been a nice reminder of the wonders of cinematography, but do you really need them? When you get rid of what you don't need, you make goods available to those who need them and create lots of extra space.
  3. Update your shelves. Stacking shelves or modular wire shelving can be modified to fit your needs of the moment. If you want a spot for that Kentucky Derby hat, you can create a space for it. You can also create a niche for triple stack items like scarves, gloves and sweaters.
  4. Add hooks. The area close to your ceiling, in a corner and just above the baseboard can become storage for umbrellas (horizontally), belts and ties. All you need are some useful hooks.
  5. Use the door. Over the door racks can be shoe or accessory holders that can get often used items out from under the bed.
  6. Use your luggage. If you aren't a frequent traveler, keep seasonal items in your luggage. You'll be making use of the space and getting out-of-season clothes out of the way.
  7. Invest in double-decker hangars. The space below hanging shirts and sweaters can be used to store a second (and third) tier of like clothing if you invest in a hangar-storage system. Once you train yourself to use one, you'll be amazed at how many dresses, pants and blouses they'll hold.
  8. Liberate the floor. Remove items from your closet floor and reorganize them. Often it's the stuff down there that you can comfortably get rid of. That small area can house a trunk or other storage container instead. You may even liberate enough space for a shoe rack or two.
  9. Invest in space-saving bags. Space bags or their equivalent can reduce linens, like bedspreads, and bulky items, like thermal coats, to a fraction of their original size. If you need space, pop pillows and other soft items into the bag and suction out the extra air. You'll have a safe home for your less-used stuff too because the bags are moisture, soil and bug resistant. All you need are the vacuum storage bags and a vacuum with a reverse airflow nozzle.
  10. Use other areas in your home. If you've tried all the small closet storage solutions above but your closet still isn't providing the space you need, explore some other creative options, like buying furniture with onboard storage, like an ottoman. You can also use open shelving in your bedroom to store some useful items that are also decorative.

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