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Top 10 Reasons to Get Disability Insurance

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Although many people like to consider themselves invincible and impervious to harm, accidents, extended illnesses and lengthy recovery periods after surgery can keep even the most physically fit from working. Disability insurance is an important way to safeguard at least a portion of your income while you are unable to work, but do you really need it? Before you decide it’s an unnecessary expense, consider the top 10 reasons to get disability insurance.

  1. You and your family enjoy eating dinner each night and would like to continue to do so, even if you’re out of work.
  2. Recovering from surgery is difficult enough without wondering if you can pay the mortgage.
  3. Pregnancy and maternity leave are often a covered event in disability insurance policies.
  4. You have a medical condition you expect to worsen over the years that may keep you from working, like arthritis.
  5. You are the sole wage earner in your household.
  6. Your savings account is inadequate to replace your salary over the next year if you stopped working tomorrow.
  7. Disability benefits through Social Security take time to qualify for, if you can qualify at all.
  8. You would like to avoid credit card collection calls for non-payment while you adjust to a new disability.
  9. If you believe you could ever be out of work longer than the maximum benefit period on most short-term disability policies, you need to get long-term disability insurance.
  10. Even if you never have to miss a single day of work due to accident or illness, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can replace at least a portion of your income if you ever need to.

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