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Top 10 Questions about Flu and Children

Flu Information
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Flu in children can be caused by one of three different strains of flu. Yearly seasonal flu outbreaks are caused by types A and B virus. Type C virus causes sporadic outbreaks.

  1. What are the symptoms of flu in children? Symptoms include nausea and vomiting, high fever, hills, shaking, aching joints and muscles and a dry, hacking cough.
  2. How is flu spread among children? Children are particularly vulnerable to the spread of flu because they share such close quarters in the classroom and playground. A child can catch flu when she inhales infected droplets that are present in the sir from another child’s cough or sneeze.
  3. How can I prevent my child from catching flu? You can reduce the risk by getting your child the annual seasonal flu vaccination. This is available to all children between the ages of six months and 18 years.
  4. Can my child have the nasal spray vaccine? Yes, if your child does not have a history of asthma and is older than six months.
  5. Can flu cause complications in children? Flu can sometimes cause complications in children such as ear infections, sinus infections and pneumonia.
  6. What is the best way to treat children with flu? Make sure they get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids and use ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce fever symptoms.
  7. Can antibiotics be used to treat flu? No, antibiotics are ineffective against flu.
  8. Can I give my child over-the-counter cold and cough medicines for flu. You may if your child is older than four years old, but you should consult your doctor first.
  9. Can I give my child over-the-counter antiviral medications? You should consult your doctor first as these medications are only effective if they are given at the beginning of the illness.
  10. Should I take my child to the hospital if she has flu? You should take your child to the ER is she is having difficulty breathing, she is not drinking fluids well or is unable to retain them, she has a fever that does not lessen with ibuprofen or acetaminophen or she has a seizure.

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