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Top 10 Moving List Items

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Make a moving list to remind yourself of important last minute details. Don't rely on fate to make your move a smooth one.

10 Important Moving List Items

  1. Consult moving companies. Try to obtain three quotes for services, and have each company conduct an on-site visit and quote. Prefer firm quotes for service that spell out the charges. Deal with companies that have a community presence and a good track record. It's also a good idea to check with your Better Business Bureau and any local watchdog organizations about the companies you're considering.
  2. Arrange for a change of address with your post office and pick up some new address announcements for friends and relatives.
  3. Clean soiled items you plan to transport, like your outdoor grills and trash cans. Starting life in a new spot is easier if everything you're taking with you is ready to use.
  4. List items you plan to transport yourself rather than having the moving company take them. This may include plants, pet items (and pets), valuables like jewelry, personal papers, and personal treasures like photos. As moving day approaches, separate them from your other belongings.
  5. List items you'll need within the first 48 hours after the move and pack them separately. Have them placed at the back of the truck so they'll be offloaded first. Some things you might want to include are linens for the beds, medications, pet items, children's toys, and toiletries.
  6. Drain gasoline and oil from tools like weed whackers and lawn mowers.
  7. Drain water from garden hoses.
  8. Notify utilities to discontinue service. You should also contact your phone, satellite, cable and other service providers and give them your move-out date.
  9. Use as much of your food as possible to limit waste. This means emptying out your freezer and fridge with some creative recipes in the last few days leading up to a move.
  10. If you're concerned about the safety of specific items in a move, take photos of their current condition before you release them to the movers. For the best protection, have the mover package items. Moving companies take very little responsibility for damage to belongings that are not packed by their representatives.

Organize your moving list by assigning completion dates for each line item. If you follow the list, you'll save time and reduce the number of problems you'll have to deal with on the other end of the move.

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