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Top 10 Common Computer Problems

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Computers have become an important part of everyday life so when the machine we depend on begins to malfunction it’s easy to panic. The truth is that many computer problems also have an easy fix. Learn to recognize the problem and you’re well on your way to finding a solution.

  1. One of the first signs of trouble is when a computer begins to slow down. A slow down can be caused by many things including too many programs at start up, a full hard drive, too little ram or the presence of a virus or spyware. The good news is that most of these problems are easy to fix and you may just need to clean up your computer.
  2. When a computer freezes you may have no option but to reboot and lose any information or projects you had open. Freezes can be signs of not enough ram, registry conflicts, corrupt or missing files or spyware. Often cleaning up the system will help solve the problem.
  3. A noisy computer is a sign of a hardware malfunction. Hard drives are noted for making noises just before they fail but it may also be a noisy fan. A fan is an easy fix and you can often salvage the information from your hard drive either before it fails completely or with the use of recovery software.
  4. Dropped Internet connections can be frustrating. It may be due to a bad cable or phone line which is an easy fix. More serious problems can include viruses, a bad network card or modem or a problem with the drivers.
  5. If your computer clock is out of sync, it may be that your CMOS battery needs replacing. Reset the time and if it continues to lag, replace the battery.
  6. It can be quite a surprise when our browser homepage is hijacked, especially when it seems impossible to change it back. This is often caused by a virus or some type of marketing software. Get rid or the virus or the software and you can get back control of your browser.
  7. If your computer turns on by itself you may wonder if it’s possessed but if the BIOS is set to “wake on modem” or “wake on LAN”, you might experience this problem.
  8. Unexpected reboots can be a sign of hardware problems such as a faulty power supply, a bad processor or a dirty intake fan. Try using canned air to clean out the fans and see if it solves the problem.
  9. If your computer is connecting to the Internet on its own adware or spyware is the likely issue. They will run in the background on your computer and open an Internet connection when they need to update. Viruses, trojans and dialers installed by malicious websites may also be the culprit.
  10. When a computer refuses to boot completely it may be a driver problem or some type of conflict. If you can boot into Safe Mode use the System Configuration Utility to load just the basic devices and services. This may allow you to boot the computer and track down the problem.

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