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Top 10 Apartment Storage Solutions

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Apartment storage can be hard to come by, and some neat and convenient storage solutions can certainly make life easier. Instead of getting rid of your belongings, find a better way to stow them.

Simple Apartment Storage Solutions

  1. Get stuff up off the floor. There's only so much area under foot. When you have your extra belongings in corners or stacked next to the entertainment center, you aren't doing yourself any favors. The best way to open up your small digs is to clear some floor space. You'll finally be able to get around the place to see what other space options are available.
  2. Take an inventory. You can't know where you need the most space (for large or small items) until you know what you really have. Take an inventory and sort your belongings by category. Anything you don't need or want should donated or pitched.
  3. Purge. Now that you've gotten rid of the easy to dispose of stuff, purge items you haven't used in a long time. Some experts say you should lose anything you haven't used in a year or more, but even if you aren't that ruthless, you probably know which items you're just hanging onto because you're reluctant to make a firm decision. An occasional purge is good for the soul. It'll make you feel lighter and faster on your feet.
  4. Make space in the closet. Closets are notorious for being crowded and disorganized. Re-organize your closet bound stuff and invest in modular storage to put it in. A sixteen-inch deep shelf might do much better as two eight inch shelves filled with bags and shoes. Modular storage systems are less expensive than you might think and can create tons of space. Even the area near the ceiling can be pressed into service with small hooks for belts and scarves
  5. Buy vacuum bags. These nifty bags make storing extra linens and winter items, like heavy coats, easier. They have an opening that fits on the reverse flow nozzle on your vacuum cleaner and removes the air between layers of fabric. You can double or triple your space this way, and protect your fabrics from moisture and dust too.
  6. Use stackables, fold-downs, and hidden storage. That foot rest you've been using could be swapped out for a modern model with a hollow center. It's an instant storage chest waiting for linens and other items. Need another table for when guests come to call? Try a drop leaf variety that can be shallow or sprawling depending on the occasion. These flexible furniture solutions and many more can reduce the number of larger items you need by being creative multi-taskers. Less big stuff cluttering your apartment means more area for . . . everything else.
  7. Employ open shelving. All that empty wall area can be used for storage with the addition of some freestanding or wall mounted shelves. Some of your kitchenware and even personal items are probably attractive enough to display, so get decorating. For items that are too utilitarian to keep out in the open, use containers, like attractive woven baskets or boxes. You can decorate and store at the same time.
  8. Invest in door and shelf racks. Outsized items can be a bear to store. Pot lids, colanders and even spices can take up more than their fair share of shelf area. Wire racks help hold lids, stack dishes and corral spices; you can save more of your precious cupboard space for important stuff, like food.
  9. Use under the bed and wasted space. Yes, we're recommending that you use the area under the bed, but with some provisions. Invest in plastic under bed containers to keep items dust free. From sweater minders to shoe racks, you can usually find something to store your under the bed items of choice in. If you've exhausted the under the bed area, how about the inside of your luggage? If you only travel a few times a year, it may be worth it to store winter or summer clothes in your travel bags. It's also an inspired spot for unused pillows, a parka, or fuzzy robe.
  10. Stay organized. No storage system will work if you don't use it. Once you do get everything up, put away and displayed the way you want it, take the extra fifteen minutes a day to keep it tidy.

Apartment storage solutions can be practical or sneakily specific to the nature of your stuff. If you need to store your bicycle, upside down on the ceiling may work. You may be able to find a place for your mitten collection under your couch cushions, and your guitar may find a happy home behind your living room curtains. No one ever said that you had to have a conventional place for everything.

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