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What is a Tooth Bridge?

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A tooth bridge is an alternative to dentures, false teeth and other removable tooth replacement systems. When a tooth bridge is installed, it becomes a permanent part of your mouth and is firmly attached to the teeth and jaw. A tooth bridge can be made of different materials and the price and procedures used to make and implant a tooth bridge vary.

What is a Tooth Bridge?

A tooth bridge is essentially very similar to caps or crowns, in that it creates a new tooth area. When you have a cap or crown put on, the ceramic mold goes over your tooth and essentially becomes the new outside of the tooth. When you have a tooth bridge made, there are several caps or crowns in a row. In some cases, instead of just a cap for existing teeth, an entire new tooth- called a pontic- is fashioned out of ceramic or some other material and becomes a part of your mouth, entirely replacing a damaged or missing tooth.

When a tooth bridge is installed, your dentist will use the teeth next to it as the anchors for the bridge. The tooth bridge will essentially be attached to those existing teeth, and they will hold it in place. It is not removable and it remains in the mouth. You can brush your teeth, chew your food and do anything else you would normally do with your real teeth. In this sense, a tooth bridge has a major disadvantage over removal full or partial dentures since you don't need to worry about your tooth coming out.

The tooth bridge can be made of ceramic and died to match your original tooth color. This means you can fill gaps where you have lost a tooth and achieve a straight and even smile; your teeth will all look the same, including those that were created by your dentist in the tooth bridge, and you won't be able to tell the difference between the real teeth and the fake teeth.

The crown or bridge is created by your dentist as a custom product after he has taken x-rays of your mouth in order to ensure that it will fit. The dentist will create a mold of where the new teeth and where the crown and bridge need to go. Normally, before doing this, he files down any existing or surrounding teeth to ensure the tooth bridge will fit into place. You will then wear a temporary crown or bridge until the final and permanent tooth bridge is installed. With proper care, the tooth bridge can then last a lifetime, although the bridge may occasionally become damaged or fall out , necessitating the need for further dental care.

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