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Effective Ways To Kill Mice

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There are many ways to kill mice if you find them in your home, but some methods involve using poisons that can be harmful to children or pets. Thankfully, there are more “natural” methods out there that are safer but just as effective as poison.
Before you mix up a batch of mice killer, however, you need to find out where the mice are in your house. If you haven’t actually seen a mouse yet, look for its droppings (feces). These are small and black, and will be evident along walls and baseboards. You may also see evidence of mice in your kitchen cabinets, if there are containers of cereal, rice, or flour that are gnawed open. Once you have found signs of the presence of mice, it’s time to go to work.
Here are some do-it-yourself ways to kill mice.

  • The soda method. This method works because mice cannot burp to relieve themselves of gas buildup in their stomach. You simply set out several small bowls of cola in the places where you’ve seen evidence of mice. The mice will drink the cola because it is sweet, and they will die from the carbonation in the cola. Note: the soda in the bowls will go flat after a few hours, so refill the bowls periodically. Mice are most active at night, so put a new bowl of cola out just before you go to bed. Do not eat out of the bowls if mice have come in contact with them, because mice carry harmful germs and diseases.
  • The dry mixture method. Mix one cup of dry Plaster of Paris or dry cement, one cup of flour, and one tablespoon of salt in a bowl. Put some water in another bowl. Set the bowls out in an area the mice frequent. Mice will eat the dry mixture and get thirsty, then they’ll drink the water. This will cause the mixture to harden inside them, and they will die.
  • The sponge method. Take a sponge and cut it in small pieces. Soak the pieces in bacon grease or gravy. Leave the pieces out for the mice to eat. The mice will be attracted to the grease or gravy, and will eat the sponge pieces. The sponges will swell inside the mice and kill them.

There are humane but effective ways to kill mice. If you have a severe mice infestation, however, you may need to call in a professional exterminator.

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