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Ten Super Tips on Moving

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Make your move and the transition easier with these ten easy tips on moving.

1. Start early – If you are going to use a moving company, begin the bid process three or four months before you move. Good moving companies are in high demand, and they need to reserve you a space on your calendar.

2. Plan – Develop a plan and a timeline. You will need to set target dates for everything from when to start packing, to turning off utilities, to what you will eat and wear the night before you move. If you have pets, there is even more to do.

3. Make decisions and act on them – Are you going to move yourself or use a moving company? Pack everything yourself? Plane, train, or automobile? All of these involve advanced planning and procrastinating does not make the need to decide go away.

4. Reduce your inventory – Be ruthless and go through your home making a list of everything you can definitely get rid of, especially clothes, books, papers, and knick-knacks. After that, make a list of things that can go either way. Once you have these lists, go over the lists and see which items can move from the either way list to the other one. Then either:

  • Hold a yard or garage sale - Pick up some extra money and get rid of a bunch of stuff.
  • Donate to charity – Those old clothes, appliances, toys, and all can be donated and will be gladly accepted. The donation is good for a tax donation as well.

Remember: The less you have to move, the easier, and cheaper, it is going to be to move.

5. Moving yourself - You will need boxes, tape, and packaging material. You can find all of these at most storage facilities for general use, packing and moving supplies stores, some office supply stores, and on-line. Many companies will buy back your unused boxes.

6. Using a moving company - Do you want a full service company, or one that lets you decide which services you want? If you need to store your belongings, you need a company that will provide that as well.

7. The kids - This can be just as stressful for children. Keep them involved in all phases of the process by asking their opinions and getting their ideas. Have them research where you will be moving and what their new school will be like. If you are driving, let them have a say in the trip.

8. The pets - Vets, shots, and kenneling need to be addressed.

9. Keep your cool – As the departure date approaches, tempers will be wearing thin. Resolve to remain calm and pleasant no matter how tumultuous the storm.

10. Enjoy – of all the tips on moving, this one and keeping your cool (number 9) are the two most important. Everyone around you will use assess your demeanor as to how to respond to the change, and will react accordingly.

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