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5 Tips For Florist Delivery

Flowers and Florists
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Florist delivery takes the hassle out of sending a gift, remembering an important occasion, or using flowers to express what you can't comfortably express any other way. Flowers are the chameleons of refined gifts. They're sensitive without appearing weak, delicate without seeming insubstantial and indulgent without the big price tag. When you send flowers and have them delivered, keep these things in mind:

Five Simple Tips for Florist Delivery

  1. Choose wisely. Knowing something important about the recipient is a good idea. If she loves pink and you get her a yellow bouquet, you've just wasted a great opportunity to be a hero. When it comes to flowers, exercising your intuition pays. If you absolutely can't come up with a choice you know will knock her socks off, go with something classic, like roses, and include a spectacular sentiment on the card.

  2. Get her name right. Hey, this sounds like a no brainer, but sometimes it isn't. Know the correct spelling of the recipient's name, first and last. If you're calling in the order, have the salesperson read it back to you for accuracy. If you're having the flowers delivered to a workplace, have the correct spelling of the business name too.

  3. Know the correct address. You may have driven there a thousand times, but the deliveryman hasn't, so give the complete address, including zip code. You'll also need the apartment number or suite number. If it's an out of the way spot, give good directions too. This stuff all seems superficial and silly until someone's asking you for the information and you can't remember.

  4. Pick a good time. You may like the drama of delivering flowers to her place of work, in which case timing may not be a factor, but if you want her to be home for a house or apartment delivery, have a good idea of when she's likely to be around. This is really a pretty nice touch. Answering the door to a bouquet of flowers is enough to put anyone in a romantic mood.

  5. Choose a great sentiment for the card. This may be the hardest but most important part of your purchase. Long after the flowers are gone, don't be surprised if you find the card nestled away in a lingerie drawer somewhere. Make your note worth keeping by taking the time to say something memorable.

Florist delivery is one of the easiest ways to send a gift. It's also one of the few times the easy-way can turn out to be the perfect choice.

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