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5 Tips for Manageable Thick Hair

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If your thick hair is getting out of control, use these 5 tips to achieve a beautiful and manageable head of hair.

1. Use Shampoo and Conditioner for Thick Hair

The wrong type of shampoo and conditioner products for thick hair can cause hair to become frizzy or to look oily and flat. The best type of shampoo and conditioner for extra thick locks is made with a creamy base that will coat hair but rinse easily. Look for shampoos and conditioners that contain ingredients with coconut oil bases and floral or fruit infusions. Additional ingredients which can help to lighten heavy locks while leaving a lasting shine include wheat germ oil and vegetable glycerin.

2. Use Thick Hair Products Sparingly

It may be tempting to use extra amounts of products on a thick head of hair, but resist this urge to avoid a bad case of excessive product buildup. Too much hair care products, particularly shampoos and conditioners that are not completely rinsed from your hair, can ruin hair manageability, and product build up will make your hair look oily and dirty even after it has just been washed. Instead, use the recommended amount of product – about the size of a dime – and spend a little extra time working the product through your hair.

3. Rein in Thick Hair Before Bedtime

A nightly hair care routine can really help you to manage your hair in the morning – and reining in your hair before bedtime will drastically cut the amount of time you need to spend in the morning getting your locks under control. Each night before bed brush your hair out thoroughly, and then find a nightly hair style that you are comfortable with – whether it is a braid, a hair kerchief or even a soft nightcap.

4. Find the Perfect Hair Cut for Thick Hair

The perfect hair cut for thick hair is a medium to slightly long length that will help to weigh down hair strands and reduce frizz. The most complimentary types of hair styles, and easiest hair styles to care for, are those with light layers. Talk with a hair stylist to find out what type of hair cut will suit the shape of your face and the type of hair you have.

5. Use Super Secure Hair Accessories

To make sure your hair style holds throughout the day, use thick hair accessories which are made to comfortably hold big amounts of hair: large, secure and stylish hair clips, extra large barrettes with reinforced clasps, super thick scrunchies and extra large hair kerchiefs. Not only will these hair accessories help to manage your hair, but they will safely hold your hair without damaging the delicate hair shafts.

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